Registered Holistic Nutritionist Reveals... Simple And Tested Strategies To Feed Your Family Healthy Meals On A Budget


Delivered Right In Your School!

With Kasia Grzesik,

Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Part of the "Healthy Schools Series"

This interactive and fun evening will change the way you think about shopping and cooking for your family...

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What I Share At This Live Event:


I will take you on a personal "tour" through a grocery store so you can learn about top 5 mistakes most shoppers make daily and I will teach you exact steps how to avoid them to save yourself time and money.


I will share my top 5 easy and tested strategies you can use for your next grocery run that will make a significant difference in your family's budget.


I will explain in detail which food items are  simply a waste of your money, are actually dangerous to your health and you should NEVER buy.


I will teach you which foods pack maximum nutrition to keep your family healthy for the least amount of $$.


Then I will invite you to my kitchen and share with you my TOP SECRET ;) and very useful kitchen hacks that save me from slaving in the kitchen PLUS are definitely budget-friendly reducing waste while making cooking a breeze.


And I will even show you examples of delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare meals that will nourish ​your family and keep you away from walk-in clinics. 

PLUS I will treat you to some bonuses... 

Bonus #1: Each participant receives and instant access to my "Label Reading Crash Course" PDF guide.

Bonus #2: Each participant gets an exclusive access to a FREE sample of a meal plan (single day) with an option to upgrade (and receive a discount) on my personalized meal planning service

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