A Fresh, New Way to Raise Funds For Sports Teams!

A unique way for hockey families to support local farmers, while raising funds for their teams! 

Kasia Grzesik, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (and a Meadowvale hockey mom) in partnership with Big John's Country Market and Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association is thrilled to present...

Meadowvale Hockey Harvest Fundraiser™

What is the Meadowvale Hockey Harvest Fundraiser™?

Meadowvale Hockey Harvest provides a healthy fundraising alternative for Meadowvale hockey teams featuring Ontario-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for families with active children.

Families enjoy value priced, seasonal, fresh and Ontario-grown produce provided by local farms.

It is a one of a kind opportunity to promote healthy eating among kids playing sports and to help raise money for Meadowvale hockey teams.

For your convenience, we offer 2 sizes of seasonal veggies and fruit.

The  REGULAR BOX ($50) contains seasonal, easy to cook vegetables for which no special chef's skills are required. ORGANIC OPTION is available for $70/box.

How Does the Meadowvale Hockey Harvest Work?

Managers fill out the form below to submit your order. One order per team, please. (To track your team's orders, please use this spreadsheet. It calculates your totals for you. Please make a copy).

Managers collect orders from families.

40% of total sales is paid to the farmers while 40% goes against the team's budget.  (20% of administration cost of the fundraiser including delivery and packaging). 

Families pick up their ordered boxes

All participating teams will be entered into a draw to win a fun, interactive workshop on Healthy Eating For Busy Hockey Families, presented by Kasia Grzesik, RHN and featuring ingredients from the boxes.  

Why Your Team should participate?

The Bottom Line...

Each fundraising team keeps 40% of total sales of boxes with 40% sent directly to farmer. MORE SALES, BETTER FOR YOUR TEAM'S BUDGET!

Healthy Eating Promotion

Fundraising through fresh produce helps promote healthy choices for our active children and helps to keep them healthier and less susceptible to injuries!

Support For Local Farming 

Meadowvale Hockey Harvest came to life not only as a new way to raise funds, but also to support our local farming community

Bonus: Quick Meal Ideas For Athletes 

Each participating family will have access to an ebook with easy to prepare meals that feature content of the boxes and are created by Kasia Grzesik, RHN to maximize their nutritional value.

Featuring Local Produce For A Great Cause

Here's probably the most important reason to participate in our Meadowvale Hockey Harvest Fundraiser™!

Meet Donny Ray from Big John's Country Market, the farmer partnering with us. We'd like to share his family's story...

"May 17, 2009 the day the world was blessed with the arrival of John Ray. By the time John was 5 days old he had gone by air ambulance from Fergus hospital to Guelph General Hospital and again to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton. John spent the first 2 months of his life in ICU at McMaster Sick Kids Hospital. As John was close to 9 lbs he was considered 'big' compared to all the other babies, most of who were premature. It didn't take long for the nursing staff to dub him Big John.

John finally came home in mid July but he wasn't in the clear, the summer was filled with weekly hospital visits. John was finally diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Merosin Negative or CMDM. In an attempt to raise extra money to help with hospital visits and expensive equipment, we began selling vegetables at a small roadside stand. Today that has grown from 1000 vegetable plants to over 400,000 plants and on-farm store and several farmers markets and the addition of beef, lamb, pork and chicken. All naturally grown and local.​

There was no hesitation to name the venture "Big John's Country Market" since he is the reason for it's starting. Know that you can buy with confidence in the high quality produce you get at Big John's and you are supporting one local boy and his family in everyday life."

Questions? Contact Kasia Grzesik, RHN directly

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